At Psychopath Lab, we understand that screen printing is both an art and a science. We are proud to offer a range of professional services tailored to meet the needs of fellow screen printers. Whether you need custom screens, assistance with screen reclamation, or any other screen printing-related service, we've got you covered.

To ensure a smooth and efficient process, please follow these guidelines when bringing your screens to us.


You can bring your own screens to us or we can supply the screens for you. If you're bringing your own screens, please make sure the screens are free of any ink, residue, tape or staples. We do not accept dirty screens.

Send us your artwork. Please refer to our Art Guidelines page on the left hand menu bar to help you format your documents. If you need help separating your colours or half toning, we can help.

We require a 100% payment upfront to process your screens. You can make payment by card online or in person. Turn around time for custom screens can be 3-10 business days depending on the complexity of your design.


Pricing Structure

Our screen reclaiming pricing is structured based on the following factors:

  1. Screen Size: The size of the screen will have a direct impact on the cost, with larger screens typically incurring higher charges due to increased labor and materials.
  2. Quantity: We offer bulk pricing discounts for screen printers with multiple screens to reclaim simultaneously. The more screens you bring in for reclaiming, the lower the cost per screen.

Sample Pricing (Per Screen)

As an example, here is a sample pricing range for screen reclaiming based on screen size:

  • Small Screens (up to 20" x 24"): $15 per screen
  • Medium Screens (up to 24" x 36"): $20 per screen

Please note that these are sample prices, and the actual cost may vary based on factors such as quantity, emulsion type, and turnaround time.


Reclaiming costs are non-refundable, even if we're unable to reclaim your screen. Sometimes emulsion can lock onto a screen if you leave emulsion remover on it for too long, or you use the wrong chemicals on your screen to clean it. We will only know if your emulsion is locked in the process of reclaiming and therefore are unable to refund the cost of reclaiming. We will try our best to remove your emulsion, but if it's locked in, the only other solution is to re-mesh your screen or get a new screen.

Bulk Pricing

For larger quantities of screens, we offer bulk pricing discounts. Here is an example of our bulk pricing:

  • 10-19 Screens: 5% discount off the total reclaiming cost
  • 20-49 Screens: 10% discount off the total reclaiming cost
  • 50+ Screens: Contact us for custom pricing


Screen Size: 20″x24″
Mesh Count: 156 or 160
Screen Cost: $50
Exposure area:


Measured by outside frame size:

  • 20″x24″ (with an image of 13″x16″ or smaller): $40
  • 23″x36″ (with an image of 15″x 20″ or smaller)$55

Turnaround time:

From the time we receive 100% payment and artwork to our specifications, you can expect:
2-3 days for single screens.
5-10 days for multi colour screens.


If you have complex graphics and need your colours separated, we offer separations in the following techniques;

1. Spot Color Separation:

Spot color separation is ideal for designs that require specific Pantone® or custom spot colors. Our experienced team carefully separates and prepares your artwork to ensure each spot color is printed accurately, resulting in vivid, consistent, and true-to-brand prints.

2. Simulated Process Color Separation:

Simulated process color separation is the go-to choice for designs with photorealistic or highly detailed images. Using a combination of halftones and simulated colors, we meticulously recreate the full spectrum of colors, delivering impressive, photorealistic results on dark or colored garments.

3. CMYK Process Color Separation:

For designs with a broad range of colors, our CMYK process color separation service is the answer. We separate your artwork into four-color channels (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) to achieve a full spectrum of colors, making it suitable for complex, multicolored designs.

  • Spot Colour Separation $65
  • Simulated Process Separation $140
  • CMYK Process Separation $140


My screen already has an image on it. Can you wash the old emulsion (image) off?
  • If your screen has an image on it from a previous run, we offer reclaiming services, see prices above.
  • Depending on the condition of your screen, we may or may not be able to reclaim and the reclaiming costs are not refundable.
  • Please remove all tape before you bring in your screen. If there is a buildup or residue, we do not accept dirty screens.
Can I expose more than one image on a single screen?

Yes, as long as your images fit comfortably onto the usable area of the screen. Please ensure you fit all image into one file.

I am using a carousel press. Is there anything special I need to request?

Please inform us if you are printing on a carousel press and need an image shot in a specific place on your screen. We cannot guarantee that it will be lined up precisely but we will make every effort to be as close as possible.

What if I need my image in a specific spot on my screen?

Please inform us if you need an image shot in a specific place on your screen. We cannot guarantee that it will be lined up precisely but we will make every effort to be as close as possible.

Can I bring my own film to save some money?
  • Unfortunately, we won't be able to accept your films. Film quality is very important when it comes to the exposure of your screens so it's important for us to control that part.
Can I bring you a screen with emulsion on it and you just expose for me?

Our emulsions are tested for specific expoure times with our exposure unit to provide the best quality exposure. Therefore, we won't be able to accept coated screens by you as it will affect our exposure time and won't have the same results.