Artwork Guidelines


Preferred Formats:

Adobe Illustrator (.ai): This vector format is ideal for designs with logos, illustrations, and text. Please ensure all fonts are outlined or provide font files.

Portable Document Format (.pdf): PDF files are versatile and maintain design integrity across various devices and software.

Acceptable Formats:

Portable Network Graphics (.png): PNG files are suitable for images with transparency, such as logos or graphics with a transparent background.

Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg): Use JPEG files for high-quality photographic images.

Tagged Image File Format (.tiff): TIFF files are suitable for high-resolution images, ensuring the best print quality.

Artwork Guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing and submitting your artwork:

  1. Resolution: For raster images (e.g., .jpg and .png), ensure a minimum resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch) at the final print size. Higher resolutions are welcome.
  2. Color Mode: Design files should be in CMYK or Pantone color mode for accurate color representation in print. RGB files may result in color shifts.
  3. Fonts: For vector files (.ai, .pdf), outline or embed all fonts to prevent font substitution issues. If you cannot outline fonts, provide the font files used in your design.
  4. Transparency: If your design includes transparent elements, be sure to save them in a format that supports transparency (e.g., PNG or TIFF).
  5. File Size: Keep your file size reasonable, as extremely large files may cause delays in processing and uploading. Compress raster images when necessary.
  6. Naming Convention: Use clear and descriptive file names that relate to your project or design.
  7. Proofreading: Double-check your artwork for any errors, typos, or design issues before submission. Sometimes we can catch errors in typos, sometimes we might miss it, but ultimately it is your responsibility.

File Submission

  • Please email your artwork to
  • Alternatively, you can upload your artwork and the details of your order on our "Contact Us" page.